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Tuesday, September 09, 2008. *
Dissociated Press Exclusive! Reports have begun to filter down from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, that thousands of gleeful pilgrims are rushing to this thriving but isolated oil town to pray and celebrate an image of Sarah Palin in an oil spill.

"I was makin' my way home this mornin' from a meetin' o' the AKIP with my frien' Todd, least I think it was mornin', never can tell 'round here, 'n' anyways I see this weird sorta light [photo below] over the bay, 'n' I hear this f*****' voice, kinda like a elk in heat", relates Roger "Roughneck" Rogers, an unemployed tour guide and oil speculator. "So thinkin' mebbe I could git me some action - wink, wink - I follers it 'n' Jeezie Chreezy I looks out 'n' sees this angelic-like face take form in this here oil spill. Man, I tell yuh, I nearly dropped my damn jug a' everclear." It's a f*****' miracle!!" . . .

[more at Palin for President Please]

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