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Tuesday, September 02, 2008. *
You can see a visibly pissed off Amy Goodman today at Democracy Now here or below. For people who don't know this, like, say, my mother: Amy Goodman is one of the best journalists working in the country today. She isn't the richest. She's not as entertaining as say a Jon Stewart or Keith Olbermann. But she's completely independent. And unlike those aforementioned guys you can't turn her off. Unless you murder her or beat her senseless while refusing to read the big rectangular press credential tags around her neck. One of the things that troubles me about her arrest is that she isn't in the best of health. Its been speculated that the paralysis on one side of her face is stroke related. This brings us to another uncomfortable question: what happens to Democracy Now if Amy Goodman can't continue the job?

One thing that I wish Amy would do is take at least six weeks off per year not to fool around but to lower her stress and to work out. Have people like Naomi Klein (who would be a perfect replacement for Amy if something bad were to happen), Mike Moore, Greg Palast, Jane Hamsher or Glenn Greenwald take over for one or two week runs while she gets better or just, frankly, preserves her health. They should also be allowed to produce for the week. I'd be curious as to their takes on the news.

One more thing: Sue! Sue em for a hundred million dollars. Fund Democracy Now forever.

Anyway, from Youtube:

And here's my fantasy film involving the Minnesota police. Apparently they don't think much of my "bloody knives and karate gimmicks". We shall see...

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