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Thursday, September 11, 2008. *
I just think that 9/11 took us down a very dangerous path that we may not survive. I'm neutral on the Inside Job stuff because I haven't read the evidence that the 9/11 Truth movement has come up with. But I'm not neutral on whether the Bush administration was evil enough either to plan it or to let it happen even if discovered because it just dovetails into their overall plans too much. They're that evil. And we find out today that Sarah Palin finds all these wars, all this meaningless horrible killing to be somehow in God's plan. She thinks a war with Russia might be inevitable. She's going where even people like Nixon and Kissinger never went. Nuclear exchanges mean billions of people possibly die. These are very dangerous Republicans. There is no indication that we dirty fuckin' hippies would beat them in some sort of just civil war. None at all.

We have to find a way to divert ourselves from this dangerous path where fighting for oil multinationals is somehow the same as fighting for "de Lawd"...Dangerous times we live in. Dangerous times.


posted by Philip Shropshire at 11:24 PM
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