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Monday, September 22, 2008. *

Things you need to know about the proposed bailout. Otherwise known as this. Hat tip to Atrios.

First, crazy socialist Bernie Sanders tells us what we should do.

Second, Christopher Dodd, playing a crazy leftist, tells us the best that what we'll get. Related: some murmurings of discontent.

Three, given that the dems cave on everything, Digby articulates the nightmare scenario of the Dems and Obama okaying the bailout with little public good or oversight and being portrayed, somewhat legitimately if they pass anything near the Paulson plan, as the party of privileged wall street elites.

Four, in a case of really good online reporting, Chris Bowers gives us two anonymous emails from an unnamed congressperson who uses the word "fuck" and tells us how Dem House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will get steam rollered. Thanks to those Blue Dogs.

Five, but not least, Greenwald has a great perspective on this here and here. Related: More from Greider, Krugman and I wish Max Sawicky was still writing about Dean Baker?

Better than most of what you will get in newspapers as to what exactly the "truth" of this matter. Way way better than anything that passes for news on your network television.

I agree with Chris Bowers. If the Dems were even basic tacticians, then what's the rush? Do something cosmetic and let the next president handle it.

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