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Tuesday, August 26, 2008. *
I've always thought that Uncle Scam just doesn't believe in working within the system. And with this quote he comes out as a bomb throwing anarchist.

GOD DAMN THEM ALL. who the fuck are these assholes who think they have a right, a god damned right to make money by doing nothing? nothing but bullshit games with worthless paper money. and pay LESS tax on the profits than I do by spending precious hours of my life at a job, and I get to now pay more tax so these worthless god damned fuckers who should all be strung up can stay richer than god. fuck that. I hope this whole system crashes so god damned hard there'll be civil war, it's time we clean house on these rich brain damaged worthless fuckers once and for all.~justdrew

To quote C+ Augustus, otherwise know as JR., 'BRING IT ON!'
You know, that might work. I think the confederacy started the last civil war. How did that turn out? Why do you think you think dirty fuckin' hippies and peaceniks will win the war? I actually think we could too won't be pretty. A civil war should be avoided at all costs. Of course, the funny thing is it seems clear that Blackwater is being developed as some kind of gestapo. They're at least 200000 strong and probably growing. I don't even know if the US Military, or at least the ones who won't shoot Americans if given orders, could beat Blackwater let alone dirty fuckin' hippies and angry black radicals and so forth. What's more likely is Blackwater will be sent to your house and you can choose to fight and die or be locked in some cell somewheres for the rest of your life.

Anyway, aside from looking like the entire two seasons of Jericho, I think an American Civil War would look like the last ten minutes of "Children of Men". Uncle Scam is that dread locked white guy and I'm the distinguished black actor. We're not going to do well. "Look around you...It's the Uprising!" Gutsy rebels with handguns vs tanks and air power. Yep. I bet they won because their cause was just...


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