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Sunday, August 31, 2008. *

A Special Republican Family Values Edition of Around the Internets

You know, when I look at that picture, I don't immediately think of a bible thumping, anti choice, anti abortion even in the case of rape or incest, anti birth control kinda of a gal. I think more along the lines of "One hundred dollars?...Are you crazy? I can go sixty at best...Hey, no need for your big Mafia Aleut goon pimp to get rough with me I can leave on my own..." (Alleged nude photo at the Red Light District.)

First there's this sum up from "Hotties in the News"

She is currently under Federal Investigation for corruption....She may not believe in Global Warming...She's not interested in saving the Polar Bears.... She doesn't care much for evolution in education.... She doesn't know much about being Vice President.... She's heard about Iraq on the news.... She doesn't seem to know anything on the economy, or global politics....Many Alaskans are scratching their collective heads in bewilderment...Yet John McCain's Republican Vice Presidential running mate is SMOKING HOT (& that's all that appears to matter TO American voters!) And without knowing jack shit about her politics, 58% of American males just love Alaska's Sarah Palin... and here's why, in pictures.

Second, there's this potentially huge scandal on whether or not Sarah Palin is a grandmother and not a mother. The federal scandal has been kicked around at the Daily Kos for months now but if this scandal is true, well, her name would have to be withdrawn like Harriet Myers. Now, this could be a left version of the Obama birth certificate controversy (Of which there is none. In fact, the only person with a controversy is John McCain who isn't native born but he's such a horrible candidate who would want to eliminate him...) but in the world of not teaching your children about sexuality or birth control it makes perfect sense. And of course you would have to be ashamed about it. Anyway, here are the juicy parts of the Daily Kos story. It also has photos and videotape. This is the kind of journalism that papers used to do and this is also why papers are dying, deservedly so I might add.

Well, Sarah, I'm calling you a liar. And not even a good one. Trig Paxson Van Palin is not your son. He is your grandson. The sooner you come forward with this revelation to the public, the better...

People like to think the vetting process is secure, and completed months ahead of time, but ABC News has reported otherwise, painting a picture of a quick vetting process for Sarah by a small, but secretive group of McCain's legal staff. A proper vetting process under those circumstances would only go so far, and the true media vetting process has just begun.It doesn't come as a surprise that this story was never properly researched. Palin was never on the National scene for more than a few minutes at a time, and local reporting only goes so far on a governor with an 80% approval rating. However, the motivation to cover daughter's pregnancy aligns with her political standings. She valiantly did not perform an abortion, but fell into the fundamentalist way of thinking, and covered up for the illicit (but natural) action's of her daughter. There could be calls below to delete this information. Calls that this type of information is muckraking and 'below us'. The truth is not below any progressive, nor any citizen of the world that is one heartbeat away from having Palin as leader of the free world. We simply ask that she be forthright, honest, and not waste our time with such juvenile games that anyone with eyes can see as fabrication.

Bristol Palin rightfully should be able to embrace her child in public as her own, with no shame, and no quarter. And a mother should be just as accepting.

I guess we could ask for DNA tests just to clear things up. Here's a question: who's the real father?

Update: Daily Kos diary spills water on the rumor. Could you get the doctor to lie as well? Perhaps this isn't true. Only a woman could look at those photos and determine if she was five or six months pregnant.

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