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Wednesday, August 13, 2008. *
John McCain: "Today We Are All Georgians"

also see, Doubling Down

It's not hard to believe if you recall some elements of the 2000 election and this one.

McCain was the neocon favorite then, William Kristol either being his chief of staff or his chief political advisor, can't remember now which. He was also the media's favorite by far, until the South Carolina primary, when Karl Rove ambushed him with the black baby, and basically ended his 2000 run. The neocons then jumped on the Bush bandwagon. Now, Kristol is and insider/outsider of the McCain campaign, being a sort of conduit to McCain neocons like Podhoretz, et al..See here...

This time, the neocons again jumped early on the McCain camp, but jumped off when McCain became ridiculous and dropped like a rock after his trip to Baghdad. The neocons then jumped on the Giuliani camp, but fled when Giuliani collapsed with mistress/Kerik problems. The neocons lost no time in jumping back to McCain, by then fully rehabilitated in the media, and his clowning in Baghdad forgotten, and here we are.

The media love fest with McCain will jump into high gear in September, after the conventions, and after the period of softening up Obama has developed into the full blown campaign. If you think you've seen media hackery at work, wait till September/October.

McCain is way more dangerous than Bush. Believe it.

that's why they will steal the elections... besides the neocons have had a hard on for Russia for decades....
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