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Friday, August 01, 2008. *
This is the icing on the cake right here. Banks, due to deregulation, got into investment banking, and into brokerage firms. Three arms of a corrupt octopus. A textbook example of how labor and energy is harvested, and turned into wealth and power...

Now they are going to use "your" money to protect the profits "they" already took from "you". All this bailout money is your taxes ya know...your labor and energy.

They "took" when they issued the fraudulent loans, they "took" with their investment banks, and they "took" when they profited obsenely with their brokerage firms by carving up the loans and selling them to unsuspecting victims, such as pension funds.

Even if you don't have one of the loans they are now "taking" from you too by giving "your" tax dollars to these people to protect "their" profits.

It isn't even being refuted on the mainstream (sic) news channels that this is a scam. They call it fraudulent on a regular basis. So far "we" haven't heard one word about "they" who are involved having to pay the piper. This is about as in "your" face as it can get...

Welcome to the Uncle scam...
Fed extends emergency loan program for Wall Street

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Federal Reserve said Wednesday it is extending its emergency borrowing program to Wall Street firms and is taking other steps to ease a severe credit crunch that has hobbled the national economy.

(they have some of the most creative terms for "stealing" from "you" until you are lame and crippled don't they?)

The Fed said the program, where investment houses can tap the central bank for a quick source of cash, will now be available through Jan 30. Originally the program, started on March 17, was supposed to last until mid-September.

(read: "They" need more time to pilfer "your" wallet for one of the largest transfers of wealth in history...uhhh, yes that would be from "you" to "them". Say thank you, since they won't, somebody has to be polite! That is "your" labor and energy "they" are taking. "They" hate work. Starting to see how this works?)

Another program, where investment firms can temporarily swap more risky investments for super-safe Treasury securities also will continue through Jan. 30, the Fed said. And, it also will let commercial banks, in a separate program, bid on cash loans that last longer — for 84 days, besides the 28-day loans now available.

(Read: "They" have a special program that allows them to throw their cash in the garbage, in order to drag yours through the garbage and out to them, and keep it all... Its like fishing, using cash, instead of worms...Wonder how "we" sign up for a deal like that?)

The Fed said it was taking these steps "in light of continued fragile circumstances in financial markets." The Fed said that the emergency borrowing program for investment houses and the program that lets investment firms temporarily borrow Treasury securities would be withdrawn should the Fed determine that conditions in financial markets are "no longer unusual and exigent."

(Exigent? Dang I had to look up that synonym for "urgently protecting their profits". 1. requiring immediate action or aid; urgent; pressing. 2. requiring a great deal, or more than is reasonable. Its "almost" amusing that they actually tell "us" exactly what "they" are doing and "we" usually don't realize it.
"Fragile circumstances in the market" Read: Their profits not secure yet"..."emergency borrowing" Read: Fishing your cash out of your pocket, as fast as they can... "investment houses" Read: Fishing pole..."financial markets" Read: Your bank account... "no longer unusual and exigent." Read: They are rushing, in case you discover how unreasonable this is before they get your money, and they consider it unusual and exigent that they don't have all the cash collected yet that they have lined up for pilfering...)

The biggest smash & grab in U.S. History...

there ought to be blood in the street over this shit. I can not believe this bullshit bailout. I'm mad enough to stomp grapes. How dare they. and this isn't going to "help" any normal person at all. All it's going to do is let them stay in a house they can't afford a little bit longer. The best thing these people could do is walk away from the house and tell the banks to fuck right the hell off and declare bankruptcy. Stupid motherfuckers. Now we're well and truly fucked. since it's clear they're going to do NOTHING about controlling these ass-monkeys who made this mess in the first place.

GOD DAMN THEM ALL. who the fuck are these assholes who think they have a right, a god damned right to make money by doing nothing? nothing but bullshit games with worthless paper money. and pay LESS tax on the profits than I do by spending precious hours of my life at a job, and I get to now pay more tax so these worthless god damned fuckers who should all be strung up can stay richer than god. fuck that. I hope this whole system crashes so god damned hard there'll be civil war, it's time we clean house on these rich brain damaged worthless fuckers once and for all.~justdrew

To quote C+ Augustus, otherwise know as JR., 'BRING IT ON!'

Also see this story, (but also note: For those who are astute, this, the following article, speaks volumes, and read in the right way can be used to see the template of the master plan of how they intend to fuck you.)

Fed Loans to Banks Made Easier By Fannie Mae Rescue
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