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Tuesday, August 26, 2008. *
Prologue: I still think think you need to vote tactically and you need to vote, or at least attempt to vote. This puts me at odds with Uncle Scam who openly yearns for another American Civil War or P! who wants us to vote no. (I guess I'm just a crazy optimist who thinks Obama is less likely to use Blackwater death squads to murder me but who knows.) Of course there's an excellent chance that you won't be allowed to vote even if you're a naive deluded person who thinks there's a difference between Gore and Bush or McCain/Obama. I'll take Al Obama if only for the courts and for tactical reasons again if they let me vote. Here in my home state of Pennsylvania a paper record of your vote is illegal. Democrats, who you would think would be smarter, have insisted that we use these machines. Pennsylvania could easily be the Ohio or Florida of 2008 and there would be no way to do a recount. But I'll try to vote. I'll try.

Also think this anonymous spoof vid about Ralph Nader spells out why you need to vote tactically sometimes. I ran it before and I think I'll run it again. Why not.

Main entry: It's really just this shirt. I thought I had written more but I hadn't.

Ouch. And "heh". And...Obama Strikes!

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