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Tuesday, August 26, 2008. *
Ok, I wrote this after the Joe Biden pick. It's very annoying in that Joe is just about as unchange as you can get. It's more than annoying in that it encourages The Man to put a bullet into you because he gets a better deal in the aftermath. Not so much with Richardson or the Kansas governor.

Changiness We Can Believe In

Joe Biden. Meh. Yes, there are a lot of prudent reasons to go with Joe Biden but we seem to be hearing this a lot whenever the O man moves right, which is all the time. He is noticing that his poll numbers are plummeting right? He's still raising lots of money but so what if you lose. Republicans lose all the time when they have money because people see through them. He does know that he has to attract white liberals and white liberals tend to read stuff. In fact, they tend to get their news online. Where else would they go, Fox News? Thomas Friedman at the Times?

There's also encouraging the crazy people to put a bullet in you because if you shoot the black guy we get white regular guy Joe Biden. Thanks for energizing the Krazy Klan with a gun segment of the population. No thanks. Really. Ignore the history of this country putting bullets into black leaders. Remember: You're special and nothing bad will happen to you.

Related: Here's your Joe Biden roundup. Sam at Undernews gives us the good and bad about Joe Biden. I think I can state that Glenn Greenwald is not impressed. You should also watch this special two hour Democracy Now clip for more information on why we really don't have an opposition party in the United States.

I wrote this before the pick. No Obama doesn't pay attention to anything because I'm a dirty fuckin hippy or angry black radical. Whatever.

Well, I heard a rumor that Caroline Kennedy would get the vice presidential nod from Obama. I think she would be a great choice. The only problem is that the rumor came from The Evil One, officially a member of The League of Evil Bloggers and who should join the Evil League of Evil because, let's face it, the Instapundit is qualified. I'm just saying that if Glenn is spreading the rumor then that means incriminating photos are on hand about Caroline.

But a Kennedy would be an inspired choice. She's actually more liberal than either Obama or Hillary. You know, the problem with Obama isn't with the black base, its with white liberals who are pissed off about FISA and the immediate backtracking on offshore drilling. You add a conservative vice presidential pick and that's a third strike recipe for trouble. Just for the record, I'm pissed off about those things too. Its about his word. What good is it if the face of oppression is black?

Evan Bayh (early supporter of the Iraq War), Joe Biden (hustler for the credit card industry) and Sam Nunn (Look, why not go with Tom Ridge...he's more liberal.) would all be depressing. I can't even say a Hillary nod out loud. Why not just appoint a knife at your back? Would be simpler. A Kennedy, or someone to his left, would be really nice and, I think, make him a lot safer. Richardson would be a good choice as well. If you look at the history of recent presidential assassinations (and these wonderfully timed plane crashes that only kill Democratic Party Senators and one liberal republican senator from Pennsylvania..) then you don't want a Lyndon Johnson or Sam Nunn as your backup. You want Dan Quayle. Everybody knew the first George Bush was safe because we were all scared of Dan. You know what's interesting about that? The older and better George Bush used to run the CIA and he might have known what happened in the Kennedy assassination. He didn't pick Lyndon Johnson or anybody competent that would inspire a "replacement" scenario. You don't want anyone to say "You know, if something Bad were to happen to Obama I bet Nunn or Hillary would get that draft started that we want so much..." Downgrades the predictable racists with guns scenario if a woman or a latino are next in line...takes away all the fun. Of course, someone who's a black man and thinks he can win the presidency of this country is probably an optimist at heart. He would have to be. "Oh, they won't shoot me and I won't have problems with my plane. I'm special."

Al Gore would be good too. This means that we're probably getting Evan or Sam. Ack.

Another thing wrong with the Obama campaign is that his ads have no kick. Let me guess: the candidate that will be backed by the Hollywood Left won't use any of their expertise during the election. Just great. I do like his middle class first theme.

Here are two ads that get to the point:




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