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Wednesday, July 16, 2008. *

Above: How I feel about the blue dogs. (Eww. Can they make his teeth any yellower?)Also: Don't give to Barry. Give to the ACLU. Don't reward Barry for doing evil and bowing down. Update: Regina got spanked by a 3 to 1 margin.

More from Factesque:

Regina Thomas Loses to DINO Barrow Thanks to Obama Endorsement

Apparently the endorsement worked. The real difference, though, was most likely the extremely low voter turnout, much lighter than any one expected, especially in the city (Savannah). That had to help Barrow and hurt Thomas.

It was a bad night. Thomas lost 3-1, giving Blue Dog Barrow - who has GOP Favorite Dem status - an overwhelming victory that DLC leaders like Rahm Emanuel and Al From will use to increase their power within the party. It's one more small step toward Republican dominance of the Democratic party and minority rule over the majority, and it stinks.

The city of Savannah was close but Barrow won with the white suburban vote.

Barrow ran as a champion of the middle class, veterans and small business. Thomas billed herself as a "voice for the voiceless."

She said she was the true Democrat in the race mostly because, unlike Barrow, she opposed the war in Iraq and President Bush's tax cuts.

She cited a report that Barrow voted against his party last year more often than any other House Democrat.

Barrow wore that as a badge of courage, saying it showed he could rise above party politics when it was in the best interests of his district.

"This election," he said, "was a real victory for those of us who believe that the big things we agree on are more important than the little things that divide us."

(emphasis added)

Sound familiar? That's Obama's pitch. Pay attention to the kind of Democrat who's saying it. That's who Obama is aligned with - the DINOs who define "rising above party politics" as giving the GOP everything it wants. That's what we can look forward to in a BO presidency - betrayal, appeasement, rule by a minority, and yet more disastrous conservative govt.

Welcome to the Funhouse.

Below: How I feel about the war and the mentality of the people who started it. Note to moving to the center Pittsburgh City Paper: Derf and Red Meat aren't as funny as Tom the Dancing Bug. When Ruben is on he's The Funny.


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