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Monday, July 21, 2008. *

Leaked photo of a detainee with face wired, lips sewn and red eyes. According to digital camera metadata the image was taken on Feb 9, 2003 03:49:25. The 6 Aug 2004 is also mentioned in relation to this photo. Readers with information as to the status of this detainee contact Although there is a resemblance to the US Taliban supporter John Walker Lindh, the connection is superficial.

Wiki leaks have probably taken this extra-ordinary step of putting the photo at the top of their front page to ensure all humans visiting get to witness man's inhumanity.
We see the true purpose of torture here to hurt the victims and provide gratification for the perpetrator since the form this torture took discouraged the victim from saying anything.

As my friend writes, "The reason I went to the wikileaks site was to learn more about ACTA a secret agreement being negotiated to enable elite control over what is allowed on the internet" [and ran across the above].

In 2007 a select handful of the wealthiest countries began a treaty-making process to create a new global standard for intellectual property rights enforcement, which was called, in a piece of brilliant marketing, the "Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement" (the agreement does not cover currency fraud).

ACTA is spearheaded by the United States along with the European Commission, Japan, and Switzerland — which have large intellectual property industries. Other countries invited to participate in ACTA’s negotiation process are Canada, Australia, Korea, Mexico and New Zealand. Noticeably absent from ACTA’s negotiations are leaders from developing countries who hold national policy priorities that differ from the international intellectual property industry.

A “Discussion Paper on a Possible Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement” was reportedly provided to select lobbyists in the intellectual property industry, but not to public interest organizations concerned with the subject matter of the proposed treaty.[1]

Wikileaks has obtained the document.

The agreement covers the copying of information or ideas in a wide variety of contexts. For example page three, paragraph one is a "Pirate Bay killer" clause designed to criminalize the non-profit facilitation of unauthorized information exchange on the internet. This clause would also negatively affect transparency and primary source journalism sites such as Wikileaks.

The document reveals a proposal for a multi-lateral trade agreement of strict enforcement of intellectual property rights related to Internet activity and trade in information-based goods hiding behind the issue of false trademarks. If adopted, a treaty of this form would impose a strong, top-down enforcement regime, with new cooperation requirements upon internet service providers, including perfunctionary disclosure of customer information. The proposal also bans "anti-circumvention" measures which may affect online anonymity systems and would likely outlaw multi-region CD/DVD players.

The proposal also specifies a plan to encourage developing nations to accept the legal regime.

Trade representatives were hoping to formalize the agreement at the G-8 summit in July 2008.

All discussion of that topic, which isn't much at all has concentrated on authorities being able to seize and search any ipod hard drive or other data storage device.

Everyone brushes the issue away by pointing out that the law is too unwieldy to be successful without ever reading on to discover that anyone or any web site that displays copyright information or even a link to copyright information can be prosecuted immediately, no takedown notice beforehand (that will come immediately to the ISP or web server corporation).

A minute from say the NZ government is copyrighted, a memo or requisition from the US government is copyrighted, just about all written information is pretty much copyrighted including the pic of the wired detainee/hostage. This 'treaty' will be an addendum to all existing trade agreements made under WTO regs. There can be no amendments, no alterations once the treaty has been finalised in secret by the G-8 with limited input from a few others, all signatories to trade agreements will be obliged to adopt ACTA complete no changes. Sure amerikans will do the usual of contesting elements of this through their judicial system but for most nations that won't work and amerikan web servers are already subject to federal govt back doors and other interferences warez as well as much information which may fall under the auspices of the patriot act is generally put up on servers outside amerika.

Once in place ISP's will be made to police all data on all web servers, as it currently stands even search engines are liable if a search throws up links to unauthorised copyrighted data, although google yahoo et al have lobbyists negotiating that issue.

From then on no more 'memory holes' wikileaks' or any other links to or copies of information that wasn't written by the poster or given permission to like to or copy. Sure peeps can rewrite stuff but we all know that doesn't carry any weight as proof when making a case or informing other peeps. Peeps like to know the actual video footage of a waterboarding is there for them to check. That the transcript of a intercepted conversation between two lackeys of the elitesis available, that the minute sent by the corrupt lawyer in Justice is there to support what the rabble rousers are saying.
I only came across this issue on friday when I saw a brief outline largely in support of ACTA in the latest edition of new scientist which I brought to read in the waiting room of my Dr's surgery.
I have tried to publicise it on more relevant forums eg warez discussion boarrds here and there but most reaction what little there has been has been of the shoot the messenger type. or argue the detail - another ploy we develop to avoid unpleasant realisation."

none the less, not that it matters I guess, not when Children are tortured to death at Guantánamo , and American Military Jails are 'Legal Black Holes', and you dear citizen --thanks to our supreme court can now be detained too ( see my post below). Whats to keep them from wiring your jaw shut, and sewing your American lips together?

Back on track case in point, How are they feeding this man? Through the nose? And why exactly does he have a wire piercing his ear? For electrode attachment, or is it just to hold his alpha-numerical status tag? Is this man in undisclosed CIA custody?

This guy has stainless steel wire piercing his mouth and jaw AND his lips are sewn shut? Are the leads going to his ears for inducing electric shocks and/or to provide nonstop aural stimulation, ie. music or noise or brainwash chatter?

The point is -- We don't fucking know.
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