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Thursday, June 12, 2008. *
Mark Gisleson makes the case here that a Truth & Reconciliation Commission would be better for America than impeachment. I've long thought that was true; the rot is so deep in US society that a just punishment process would require the incarceration of 94% of the white people inside the beltway. Hence, the perps have so much power that they'd be able to destroy the country in any kind of real struggle for power. The same thing was true in South Africa, which is why Truth & Reconciliation was the way to go. You're not punished as long as you tell the truth about what you did.

Of course, it's highly unlikely we'll get either impeachment or Truth & Reconciliation, but it's worth pushing for and thinking seriously about both. In a better world, we'd use the threat of the first to create the second.
via Jonathan Schwarz over at Tiny Revolution
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