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Monday, June 02, 2008. *
As things look, Israel may well attack Iran soon
By Joschka Fischer
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Friday, May 30, 2008

As a result of misguided American policy, the threat of another military confrontation hangs like a dark cloud over the Middle East. The United States' enemies have been strengthened, and Iran - despite being branded as a member of the so-called "axis of evil" - has been catapulted into regional hegemony. Iran could never have achieved this on its own, certainly not in such a short time.

A hitherto latent rivalry between Iran and Israel thus has been transformed into an open struggle for dominance in the Middle East. The result has been the emergence of some surprising, if not bizarre, alliances: Iran, Syria, Hizbullah, Hamas and the American-backed, Shiite-dominated Iraq are facing Israel, Saudi Arabia, and most of the other Sunni Arab states, all of which feel existentially threatened by Iran's ascendance.

The danger of a major confrontation has been heightened further by a series of factors: persistently high oil prices, which have created new financial and political opportunities for Iran; the possible defeat of the West and its regional allies in proxy wars in Gaza and Lebanon; and the United Nations Security Council's failure to induce Iran to accept even a temporary freeze of its nuclear program.

Of course Israel would sacrifice American troops on the ground in Iraq, because, you know they want us even that much more entrenched in the Middle East as a buffer. You know damn well, if Israel attacks Iran, that the whole of the resistence along with Iran will rise up in full force and devastate our troops there, and Cheneyco, will use that as an excuse to full on escalate the ME war.
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