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Thursday, June 26, 2008. *

I can also testify that getting sigs for Nader's campaign in Pennsylvania is like pulling teeth. I would be shocked if he made the ballot. On the other hand, does Obama have to turn this far right? Or, as the Field Negro points out--don't bother going to Oliver Willis for balanced commentary jeebus (he has to be on the Obama payroll):

"O" man WTF? File this post under might piss Obamaholics off. But you addicts need to know that your boy is seriously starting to piss me off as well. I mean honest to god, why do I feel like I am being subjected to the Chinese water torture technique every time I listen to the "O" man lately? His FISA vote. Drip. His theocratic tilt. Drip. His going Sista Souljah on Father's Day. Drip. His [non]-universal health care plan.Drip. Paying off the Ice Queen's debt. Drip. And now this latest little gem. "O" man tell me you are not agreeing with Thomas, Scalia, and the other supremes in the minority on this death penalty decision? Look folks, I know that the "O" man has his own mind, and we aren't going to agree on everything. Lord knows I don't necessarily want him to go along with the liberal orthodoxy. But lately it just seems like he is messing with the shit that I really care about. Things like civil liberties, and keeping the church and our state separated.

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posted by Philip Shropshire at 11:43 PM
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