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Saturday, June 14, 2008. *
The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - Part 1/25

On July 22, 2005, then Congressional Rep. Cynthia McKinney held an all-day Congressional Briefing entitled "The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - A Citizens Response: Did the Commission Get it Right?"

They did not. Since this Briefing was broadcast on C-SPAN, you can see that much was omitted, key evidence was derived via torture (waterboarding and other methods), and the Commission members were compromised in many ways.

This Briefing is the only serious criticism of the 9/11 Commission's Final Report to be entered into the Congressional Record, and is valuable to review to see what has been put on record from a historical point of view.

In Part 1, McKinney introduces the intent of the Briefing, and sets the tone for the day.

This 25-part YouTube series is not the entire Briefing...

Cynthia McKinney: a true patriot. If there was any Justice at all this woman would be our next president.
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