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Saturday, April 05, 2008. *
Youtube gets it right: Why did US green light Iraq gov attack in Basra?

Finally, news (at least in this instance) that peeks behind the propagenda you get on the brainwash T.V. media.

While Escobar (Asian Times) is a reasonably reliable source, he didn't mention the main difference between the Hakim movement and the Sadr movement. The former promoted the Iran model with rule by cleric whereas the latter promoted rule by the people. That is why Hakim is in the government and Sadr sits on the sidelines. Given that the US constitution promotes the separation of Church and State that's quite a statement by the Bush administration in giving the red carpet treatment to Hakim in Washingtion.

Also, (in the forgotten war) as for NATO out of Afghanistan, Gates just said that 7-10 thousand more US troops are heading there in 2009.

How convenient, promise more troops after the currant Commander In Chief steps down. Bush gets to say it without actually doing it. Don't worry the next President will do it I promise. Another round of kool-aid for the World. Others have speculated. Afghanistan is such a mess now there is no fixing it. There are 45 million Pashtun in Afghanistan and Pakistan and 47 thousand troops are never going to defeat them. All the top commanders, even the ones in favor of staying, say this openly. The problem is the US changed it from taking out the government to revenge against the people.
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