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Tuesday, April 01, 2008. *
Jane you ignorant slut...
Harman: I Didn't Know Surveillance Program Broke The Law
she writes, she had no clue that "the Administration was violating FISA." She writes that the gang of eight had been briefed on "an NSA effort to track al Qaeda communications using unique access points inside the US telecommunications infrastructure," but that they'd been told nothing about warrantless wiretapping.

Anyone keeping up w/this knows she is lying through her teeth, and pretending to be ignorant of Jr's lies.

Also see, Bush's Law: Deconstructing Harman's Comments for the back story...

You, dear reader may really want to muck around in this; get a feel for how flippant, contemptuous and indifferent our servants are toward us, the citizens. So when the real history is written you will see how you were sold out.
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