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Sunday, March 30, 2008. *

On the mark Tom Tomorrow toon on the very specious reasons behind Hillary's Continued run. Even features Hillary's "talk" with Lex Luthor, publisher of the Daily Planet, (This is actually the truth behind the corporate media. Reporters as scared children.) Richard Mellon Scaife, arguably one of the most evil men in the United States. (Hometown pride (!) by the way...)

By the way, if you're looking for reasons to like Barack keep in mind that it looks like not only does the Israel lobby not like him (not for anything Obama has done because he's sucked up to AIPAC with the best of them--

--(Real politic confession: if I was advising Obama, even as a critic of AIPAC, I'd tell him to suck up to AIPAC. Of course, that's the dream behind Obama. Unlike most black men who have woken up each morning angered and frustrated by the world around them Obama could actually wake and change some things. I truly hope he's gets that opportunity.)--

--but because his middle name is Hussein and he actually knows Moslems. He might be more sympathetic to the Palestinians than the sellout Clintons who gave us NAFTA for christsakes...) but it looks like Jewish likudnik donors are keeping Hillary in the race. I would like to think this wouldn't have to be pointed out: if Obama wins the most elected delegates, in a system that really isn't set up for blacks or progressives to win (Are there any whiter states than Iowa or New Hampshire? The Dakotas maybe, Utah?) he should get the nomination. If he doesn't, then it would probably split the party and give American blacks a great reason to ditch the dems. On the other hand, this would provide Obama a wonderful opportunity to quit the party and run as a third party. He has the money.

One more point about that cartoon: I'm not that worried about "meteors". I'm worried about bullets and Mossad. Oh, the press would cover it, right. Just like they "covered" the RFK assassination and election fraud stories of 2000 and 2004.... Are you kidding me.? Also very much worried about Obama's plane going down...that seems to happen to a lot of political people here and abroad.

Question for Maria at 2 Political Junkies and my fake virtual girlfriend Agent Ska: Why do you keep supporting Hillary when she has no chance of winning? Is it white girl privilege? What?

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