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Wednesday, March 12, 2008. *
The worst part is that Cheney knows this, too. He just doesn’t care. This is the man’s parting shot as he leaves office– to put the country into the throes of a war so vicious that no one will think of pursuing him for his long list of crimes against the nation and the Constitution.

He is guessing–and he may be right–that the American public will, sheep-like as always, rally to the cause, with a new round of yellow magnet “ribbons” on their cars. He is hoping–and he may be right–that war will be a boon for the candidacy of Republican John McCain and for embattled Republicans running for Congress.

It’s a kind of political Hail Mary.

Remember kids, Bombing Tehran assures a McCain victory in November!

Vote Ron Paul! 08!!! /dripping sarcasm...
posted by Uncle $cam at 6:35 PM
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