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Friday, March 14, 2008. *

You wanna give me a fucking break here? George Bush murders a million goddamn Iraqi men, women and children - butchers them by lying to the world and steals their oil - and yet Eliot Spitzer has sex with a female and the press is INDIGNANT, INDIGNANT! His wife aside, Spitzer's was a victimless crime - and don't give me this transporting someone across state lines for illegal activities and prostitution is illegal bullshit - because those laws need to be banished back to puritanical New England where they came from! Oh yea, but it's not illegal in Nevada so . . . [Once, driving across the country from east to west, from Utah to Nevada I hadn't actually realized these two states were side by side and fantasized about all Nevadans lining up against their border and mooning Utah at once], fackin' American hypocrites. These goddamn ancient 'morality laws' need to go the way of the Texas sex toy ban. Why the fuck is there even a vice squad? What the fuck business is it of yours what my vices are if they don't hurt anybody? No, scratch, that - sex and drugs are not vices, one is natural and the latter can be good or very bad and if bad a health problem, to be sure. [Yes, I'm all for harm reduction just like the good fictional mayor of Vancouver, B.C. Dominic DaVinci - great show, eh?]

Spitzer did good work against Wall Street corruption and predatory lenders which are most certainly not victimless crimes. Spitzer, if you're out there, unshaven and sitting in front of your computer in your darkened, locked bedroom with your favorite drink in front of you, listen man: tell these assholes what you do with your cock is your own fucking business - you and your wife's, who you will make it up to - and now you will go back to work, after admitting that when you previously used the law against prostitution it was an act of ungodly hypocrisy which you will now vow to spend the rest of your days making up for. Can someone come up with a law to take these goddamn puritanical laws off the books, please? And maybe in what passes for 'moral instruction' in this country and/or media, the new definition of that which causes righteous indignation involves the bloody, premeditated murder of another human being (and if a million, that's really bad). In that turned around, messed up world, George Bush would have long ago faced public humilation and resignation, and Eliot Spitzer would still be battling the oversized windmills of big money, dirty money.
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