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Saturday, March 15, 2008. *

Arrested judge wore dress, women's hosiery
By KATHRYN MARCHOCKI, New Hampshire Union Leader Staff
Friday, Feb. 15, 2008

The federal bankruptcy judge who was convicted of DWI in Manchester this week is resigning.

According to a press release issued by the First Circuit federal court in Boston today, Judge Robert Somma will remain on leave until his resignation takes effect on April 1.

April first eh? So by that are we to believe his is, --truth be known-- as with all these thugs--, a lateral move? None of the Bush crime syndicate ever suffer detrimental consequences. Oh, and the real factor of why I post this is, the wtf factor, in that what the fuck is up with the ubiquitous sexual recidivism with these bandits?? Has anyone besides me noticed the underlying unhealthy sexual devience with these incidences?
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