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Tuesday, February 26, 2008. *
I didn't write this. A writer's strike scab did:

Top Ten Reasons To Not Vote

10. Britney Spears won't, why should I?

9. We can put Diebold out of business.

8. There's no "Best Supporting Actress in a Musical Comedy" candidate.

7. All the voting places in Mississippi are in outhouses.

6. All the voting places in East Durham, NC are in crack houses.

5. Fidel isn't running.

4. You didn't contribute, you can't vote.

3. Voting is the opiate of the masses.

2. Ralph Nader is running.

1. It only encourages them.
Lame, I know. This guy is back writing for O'Reilly.

Go read Stop Me Before I Vote Again. They're not as lazy (and a lot smarter) than I am.

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