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Saturday, February 23, 2008. *
George and/or Eric Blair rules. My fantasy is that I'm George in the very end of this video's debate where I clearly put the poet and sexologist (I want that title.) and the guy who's pushing pacifism against the nazis in their places. I suppose if we were updating the argument I would be arguing that anyone who rules out the use of force is objectively pro corporate fascism. And is it me or is the poet/sexologist (which I think translates into, at the very least, bisexual if not omnisexual...) giving George a look of badly constrained lust...? As well as he should because in my fantasy I'm a very masculine George the vid here:


UPDATE: I forgot to link to the page where you can find more of these George Orwell bios. You can find that page here. You might notice that the vid is hosted at Sevenload and not Youtube. That's because the hoster at Youtube disabled embedding. You could, and I'm not saying I did this because it might be a crime at worst and thoughtcrime at least, download the vid by using a resource like keepvid. And then, while stressing that I would probably never do such a lawless thing, upload it to Sevenload, where they seem to be much more understanding when it comes to copyright violations and by "understanding" I mean that they don't enforce copyright, at least not as strenuously as either Youtube or Daily Motion.

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