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Friday, February 08, 2008. *
US: Former Oral Roberts University accountant alleges $1billion a year funneled through school
A former senior accountant at Oral Roberts University alleges that more than US$1billion (euro690 million) annually was inappropriately funneled through the evangelical school. Trent Huddleston claims in a lawsuit filed Thursday that he discovered an "unrestricted" account used to funnel "unusually large" sums of money through the university each month _ which would exceed US$1billion on an annual basis _ that was not used for any legitimate university purpose. University spokesman Jeremy Burton dismissed any wrongdoing, saying the allegations had "no basis in fact." John Tucker, an attorney for the university, said the petition appeared to be "grounded in fantasy." Huddleston, who was hired in 2006 and spent 15 months at the school, said he was discharged because school officials feared he would reveal that the account existed.
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