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Saturday, February 16, 2008. *
Bronx jazz musician Tarik Shah told an undercover FBI agent that he wanted to teach karate moves to members of Al Qaeda. It wasn’t a smart move: Last April, he was sentenced to serve 15 years on charges of supporting terrorism.

Previous news stories have described Shah, a jazz bassist and martial artist with a propensity for big talk that eventually got him into serious trouble. But until now, there’s been little information about the two undercover informants that the FBI used to investigate a man it considered such a dangerous terrorist that the bureau surveilled him for four years and spent considerable resources to take him down.

Shah’s arrest came about thanks in part to an informant known in court documents as “CS-1” (shorthand for “Confidential Source No. 1”). Shah’s attorneys never made CS-1’s real identity or his role in the case an issue.

“CS-1”? Sure that wasn't Curveball or some shit? Because, the Powers that be now have a pan-national and pan agency cohesive ideology, a mimetic desire to rule by economic chaos.

While this is news to me, and I couldn't find any video of Tarik Shah, however, the Jazz news at all about Jazz has obviously been on the case. And here is a treat, a deeply moving vid of the late Mal Waldron acompanied by Jeanne Lee whom is mentioned in the all about jazz article:

Mal Waldron & Jeanne Lee Medley

Sidenote: Also from the article:

("When you get a chance, please listen to Jeanne Lee's magnificent album called “Conspiracy.")

Philip or anyone, I'd love to hear samples of this if anyone has vid or mp3's or whatever.

But I digress, you know, I take no pleasure in always relentlessly attacking our system, be it Government, Federal or State. I really would like to believe there are some goods guys out there in these agencies you know, 'doing the right thing', as Spike Lee says, but it always seems FBI informants and sting operations are used for two reasons:

1. To make it seem like the government is cracking terror plots

2. As cover to stage inside job terror attacks

The World Trade Center 1993 and Oklahoma City 1995 bombings are prime examples of FBI informants getting would be dupes to go along with terror plots.

The Miami 7 Sears Tower Plot, Fort Dix and JFK airport are recent government orchestrated attacks. In every one, if you look hard enough
obliquely we find an auspicious "informant" or the suspect with hidden ties to the alphatbet agency that busts them, or more often than not just plain innocent and not so innocent patsies.

This sucking of
Rumsfeld dick, and his Proactive Preemptive Operations Group (P2OG) mentality that he and his lifelong sidekick Cheney have infected this nation the rest of the world with, these projects/investigations always consist of provoking terrorists to act, usually resulting in false flag bullshit, destroying this nation by design. It gives them ever more power through 'controlled chaos' the same deception game played out over and over from the Team B manuscript/playbook. Think, Adam Curtis's 'Power of Nightmares' documentary.

Anyway, fuck it, if nothing else enjoy the video.

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