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Tuesday, February 12, 2008. *
Here's and interactive post for ya, for those willing to experiment. Open this* window, disregard the vid there, and let it play as a soundtrack to the following post:

Pripyat - city of the future

in soviet ukraine, pripyat was known as the city of the future. built in 1970 for the workers at chernobyl's nuclear power-plant, it had beautiful new housing, modern facilities and a vibrant young community. then on april 26th, 1986, reactor 4 at chernobyl explodes, sending an enormous radioactive cloud over northern ukraine and neighboring belarus. the danger is kept a secret from the population of pripyat who go about their business as usual 3km away. children play, lovers get married, shops trade and the residents marvel at the spectacular fire taking place at the reactor. after 3 days an area the size of england becomes contaminated with radioactive dust. the 50,000 inhabitants are eventually evacuated over the course of a single day. with the population displaced, forgotten and damaged, pripyat still remains empty today. twenty years to the day, april 26th 2006, will be a remembrance of the devastation to what was originally a promised future.


Wonder how an American city will fare after Skeletor Chertoff's gut tells us whats they have in store for us yet again:

"Chertoff Worries About 'Earth-Shattering' Events", "Michael Chertoff's deepest fears: Terrorists entering US from Canada"....

*Artist: Scorn
Album: Evanescence
Trac:"Night Tide."

Closely allied with post-industrial dub terrorists such as Bill Laswell... Techno Animal, James Plotkin, Robert Musso, and Anton Fier, Birmingham-based artist Mick Harris is something of a study in extremes. A drummer with noted death metal outfit Napalm Death through the group's late-'80s/early-'90s heyday, Harris began experimenting with monochrome ambient and dub styles toward the tail end of his association with that group. Releasing material through Earache as Scorn (his ambient dub aegis) and through Sentrax as Lull, in addition to other sporadic projects, his genre-spanning activities have done much to jar the minds, expectations, and record collections of audiences previously kept aggressively opposed. To the present, Scorn and Lull, along with John Zorn's experimental jazz-dubcore outfit Painkiller have remained Harris' primary ongoing projects, although one-off collaborations with the likes of James Plotkin, Nicholas Bullen, Bill Laswell, and Martyn Bates are common. Harris formed Scorn in 1991 in collaboration with bassist Nick Bullen, incorporating elements of ambient, industrial, dub, rock, and hip-hop. The group (though pared back to just Harris following Evanescence) have released a number of increasingly well-received full-length recordings, including the remix LP Ellipsis, which features outbound reworkings by the likes of Coil, Autechre, Laswell, and Germ. Harris' solo work as Lull focuses on darker, more "isolationist" ambient soundscapes, some of which have been reissued domestically by Laswell's now-defunct Subharmonic imprint. [See Also: Mick Harris, Lull]

This album has been on heavy rotation on my system, especially good with headphones... I think you will agree, it's the perfect musical selection for background to the grim meathook future awaiting us. Soundtrack for apocalypse now soon.
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