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Sunday, February 03, 2008. *

Reported on Saudi newspaper AL-Watan, Israel pressured Google to remove all the images of Egyptian footballer Abu Trika showing his T-shirt with the text “Sympathize with Gaza”

Egyptian “Islamic Group” [Al Jamaa Al Islamiya] issued a rare statement, applauded Abu Trika action in an article called “Abu Trika…playing football or playing with fire” on their website, saying:

"I cried from joy because the young generation feels the scale of the tragedy experienced by their countries….

I cried and cried and cried because saying “Sympathize with Gaza” become a crime requires punishment…..

Abu Trika, I salute you, you are an example for the youth…"

Algerian newspaper El Khabar interviewed Abu Trika [English]

I think it’s normal, I’ve expressed a feeling; a natural feeling of any Arab…and if you ask any Arab about what is happening to Palestinians and Gaza population he would tell you the same…
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