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Wednesday, February 27, 2008. *
I was reading this interesting Uncle Scam post and it got me thinking what note would I attach to bricks or pieces of concrete that I've thrown through bank building windows. I came up with 11 such notes. This certainly isn't an endorsement of perhaps justified vandalism against the state. As I've been saying quite a bit lately: I have the same respect for the rule of law as does the current president of the United States, perhaps even slightly more, which probably isn't saying much.

  1. Look, I read the financial reports, its not as if you'll be standing here a long time anyway...
  2. I'll turn myself in as soon as the attorney general I appointed charges me.
  3. I would appreciate it if you would ignore this brick just like you ignore impeachment and a million dead iraqis.
  4. Hey, I tried voting...
  5. If life was fair, I'd get a parade and you would be locked up for usury you bankin' bitches...
  6. Hey, you said you wanted the house back because I couldn't pay the mortgage...
  7. Redline this!
  8. And I'm not too thrilled with the insurance industry, either.
  9. There might be some anonymous people out here who aren't just only upset about scientology. Just sayin'...
  10. This is in no way a modern day cointelpro psyop meant to trigger massive detention camp arrests, followed by subsequent rioting and thereby a legitimate "shock doctrine" excuse to cancel elections and permanently keep Bush in power. But if you need more explanation call me at NSA headquarters, across the street from the book deposity and remember the codename is "Operation Grand Slam".
  11. I'll have you know that despite this latest attack against the evil institutions of the state I still have more respect for the law than the current president of the United States. I mean, at least I haven't killed anybody, yet.

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posted by Philip Shropshire at 3:15 PM
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