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Thursday, January 03, 2008. *
Wow! Just tuned in to todays Democracy Now and was SERIOUSLY impressed with the guests Allan Nairn and Kelley Beaucar Vlahos who wrote, “War Whisperers”. I had never heard of Allan Nairn before, but man he floored me with his analysis, for example,

AMY GOODMAN: Are you saying that there’s no difference between these candidates?

ALLAN NAIRN: Well, fundamentally, there’s no difference on the basic principle of, are you against the killing of civilians and are you willing to enforce the murder laws. If we were willing to enforce the murder laws, the headquarters of each of these candidates could be raided, and various advisers and many candidates could be hauled away by the cops, because they have backed various actions that, under established principles like the Nuremberg Principles, like the principles set up in the Rwanda tribunals, the Bosnia tribunals, things that are unacceptable, like aggressive war, like the killing of civilians for political purposes. So, in a basic sense, there is no choice.

But there is a difference in this sense: the US is so vastly powerful, the US influences and has the potential to end so many millions of lives around the world, that if, let’s say, you have two candidates that are 99% the same—there’s only 1% difference between them—if you’re talking about decisions that affect a million lives—1% of a million is 10,000—that’s 10,000 lives. So, even though it’s a bitter choice, if you choose the one who is going to kill 10,000 fewer people, well, then you’ve saved 10,000 lives. We shouldn’t be limited to that choice. It’s unacceptable. And Americans should start to realize that it’s unacceptable.

But that’s the choice we have at the moment. In Iowa, I think there are steps people could take to start to challenge that system, if they wanted to.

The above rush transcript doesn't fully convey the depth of issues he brought up and covered so I would suggest watching or listening to it for the behind the scenes info on the candidates. It was very enlightening.

These two really pulled the curtains back on the role of the policy advisor's who are working for and with the sorry choices we have, hence the first link above. No matter whom you vote for or who wins, Murder Inc. moves right along.
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