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Tuesday, January 15, 2008. *
At least he didn't ban me from his scoop site unlike people named Kos I know...

I think an excellent way for John Edwards to cut through to democratic voters is to take a truly fighting stance against "election fraud." There is some evidence that the kind of suspected primary election fraud that the election fraud "community" (Bob Fitrakis of Free Press, Black Box Voting, Mark Crispin Miller and others who are largely unrebutted by the GOP) has noticed may have occurred in New Hampshire.(One.)

To summarize, it looks like exit polling, which would be immune to unaccounted for pre polling surges and/or skulldoggery by republican independents (and is reliable within .1 percent in places like Germany), is wildly at odds with the final result. The election fraud community smells a rat as well they should. Now, there is a counter view posted at Dkos. (Two.) I don't find it as compelling as the chart shown here: MOCRATS

I think John Edwards should ask for a full recount, but go a bit further and demand a full inquiry into "chain of custody" issues. You might wonder what the overall benefit would be of a successful recount effort which would give the election to Obama. Well, the most important thing it would do is it would show, in a very realistic and powerful way, that Edwards is a different kind of democrat who fights for principle, namely one person one vote. Afterall, a lot of dems, myself included, think that both the 2000 and the 2004 election were stolen. If you want to show me a different kind of democrat you could start by fighting for our votes.

I'm also an African American. If you wanted to sell other African Americans on your campaign you might remind those African American voters (most targeted by vote suppression and these new ID laws) who fought for their vote and who will be more likely to fight for their vote when the Ohio/Florida of 2008 inevitably arises. The reason I support John Edwards is that I think he'll do more for the black community than some triangulating appeaser. Here's a chance for Edwards to prove me right.

You could also make your critiques of the voting system while supporting the New Holt Bill and wondering aloud why Sens. Obama and Clinton aren't more vocal or aren't offering amendments against voter ID Laws. I just think it creates a new dynamic for the race. A man who bills himself as a "fighting democrat" should, well, do some fighting...


Philip Shropshire

One: If you're interested in the details then look here: /01/10/1635225.shtml


And Here:

Two: 02623/2264/85/434176

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