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Friday, January 25, 2008. *

From POLTERGEIST II, Carol Ann: "They're back!" :

Wolfowitz appointed chairman of arms-control advisory panel

Well, if that isn't the perfect example of how utterly screwed up the US is
-- having a war criminal with the death of a million and a half people on his hands, personally involved in hyping a contrived war of opportunity using inhumane, banned weapons, now 'advising' the state dept. on disarmament, arms control and global security.

Rumsfeld: Ramp up information warfare*
The U.S. military can’t fight the war on terrorism alone. It needs help from a host of other U.S. government agencies, including a new one that should be created to use the Internet to wage an information offensive against Muslim extremists, former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Jan. 23.

In an address to an information warfare conference, Rumsfeld said the United States is “sitting on the sidelines” in a global battle of ideas. “We’re barely competing,” and for that reason we are losing, he said.

You know, to back up his pal Cheneys recent call for even more surveillance

It's like whack-a-mole with these guys. They keeps popping up -- over thar! Now over thar! WHACK!

It's like a bad dream that you keep having each night or a B movie......

Here's Wolfowitz practically giddy with excitement telling West Point academy students that 9/11 is about to happen, and will make war profitteers ricj
(june 2001)

Wolfowitz chilling speech

*Translation: Demonize the internet by any means necessary...
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