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Thursday, January 03, 2008. *

Jan 3

Oh fuck. They just called Obama articulate on CNN. It was cranky old Jack. Well it least he wasn't impressed about how clean he was.

Looks like my second choice Barack Obama has won the Iowa caucuses. Just a note to my fellow Americans: Even if Obama wins the DNC nomination and wins the presidential election, the United States would still be a fucking racist nation. Just thought I should mention that here in a country that doesn't fund public education like it funds wars against brown folks abroad, seems to be tracking black males for the penal system and as of late throws entire black families into jail for their droopy pants.... So please don't think it's all better now. That is all as my favorite armored bear has said recently in the Golden Compass, which I finally saw and which I thought was pretty good. More on the Golden Compass here...

A very late Happy New Year to everyone. It's about 9 pm when I write this and they're calling it for Mike Huckabee. Oddly enough, I actually think he represents your average hayseed racist loves the lord republican fairly accurately. Or as someone called it, and I'm paraphrasing, he's the Revenge of Gomer. Update: Watching CNN now and one of the talking heads says Mitt's Mormonism cost him because evangelicals came out against him. Sounds about right to me. Traditional Mormonism, started by a twice or thrice convicted con artist if I remember the Hitchens quote right, simply isn't compatible with Christianity.

It's completely up in the air on the dem side. Edwards could win it all or fall to third. It's very close. I did some volunteer calling for about 2 and a half hours Tuesday night for Edwards and felt pretty good about all the people who were choosing Edwards as a second choice. But I woke up this morning finding out that Richardson, with his 5 or 6 percent, was telling his voters to choose Obama and right now Obama is leading. Again, I could work for Obama even though I'm not enthralled with his GOP talking points campaign so far and I'm not sure if or how he would fight for the interests of the common man. Think he would be great for the courts though and the EEOC, where I currently have a case...

Booman, the Anti Kos, probably had the best summary of why most of the blogosphere backs Edwards. I really think Edwards has the best message and ironically he could even run against the DNC congress and get away with it. Update: CNN calls it for Obama around 9:30.

Here's Booman on Edwards:

Perhaps because his wife is such an avid reader of blogs, Edwards' campaign tapped right into our zeitgeist. He came out with our insight front and center. You want Edwards' message? Here it is: 'Fuck David Broder, fuck Joe Klein, fuck Chris Matthews, fuck FOX News, fuck Tim Russert, fuck Mitch McConnell, fuck Big Oil, Big Pharma, and Big Defense. We don't need them. They won't negotiate in good faith. They're stacking the deck against us. And we can beat them by telling the truth and getting organized.' That's Edwards' message, and that is the message we have internalized both through our successes and our failures.

What's funny is that Obama is saying many of the same things, in his own way. The policy differences between Edwards and Obama are minimal. But Obama's tone deaf to the blogosphere. And, as a result, the blogosphere didn't trust him. Take Armando:

...we do not criticize Obama's political style on aesthetic grounds; we criticize his style because we think it will not work to actually EFFECT CHANGE. We believe that despite his being touted as the change candidate, his political style is the one LEAST likely to achieve progressive policy change.

His 'style' will be ineffective. Why did so many of us conclude this? It's because we have watched Tom Daschle, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi try to negotiate with the Republicans (in the minority, the majority, no matter) and it does not work. We have watched the Dems talk tough and then back down time and time again. We're done with conciliation and we don't believe bipartisanship is possible without first crushing the Republican Party down to a stump.

There was a public warning about how you could hack the Iowa caucus process from black box voting. Read about it here.


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