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Saturday, December 29, 2007. *
Two Peace Activists Denied Entry to Canada or "Now Youse Can't Leave"

Now Youse (or Yinz) Can't Leave.

(For background go see this Youtube clip from "A Bronx Tale".)

Let's say, for a moment, that you took a good look at the situation here in the US and you think its time to leave, kind of like Peter Drucker and other prescient Jews who left Germany in the 30s. You're on a no fly list and you're pretty sure you're being watched and you're absolutely certain that when the Blackwater death squads hit the street after the next natural or manufactured "shock" they'll be knocking on your door and it won't be to socialize. So you've thought about making a move to Canada. Seems like a nice place.

Well, think again. These guys don't want "youse" to leave. Nice guys.

Two peace activists were recently denied entry into Canada, now run by a conservative. Jim Hightower has the story. Yes, you should find this frightening. At a certain point, as Naomi Wolfe points out in one of her talks about the signs of fascism, Jews weren't allowed to leave. They weren't stopped from leaving because the Germans liked them. In fact, the Germans had other plans for the Jews as history has shown us. And more than likely there are similar Gitmo/concentration camp plans for dissenters. Not a good sign.


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