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Thursday, November 08, 2007. *

Depression and bewilderment are slowly giving way to hatred and rage for me as certain facts become irrefutable from my vantage point in one of the back carriages of the slo-mo wreck.

The U.S. dollar is in dire straits.

The U.S. dollar fell again on Friday against a basket of six major currencies... hitting levels not seen in that index's 30-year plus history. It has fallen more than 7.0 percent since the summer's financial ruckus started.

The ongoing tension of the Flucht nach vorne into war with Iran.

Why should this be? Look at the records here. I am hesitant to lay the entirety of this perverse psychology at the feet of a single man, however George Bush has become the personification of the worst aspects of Western culture. He is the living embodiment of a mass psychosis. He was quick to point out how the Kyoto protocol would have "wrecked (the U.S.) economy" , but never once mentioned how global climate change would wreck the lives and very geography of 6.6 billions inhabitants of the planet. Lives and land can also be (somewhat cynically) translated into financial assets, but George W. Bush has become the standard bearer for those who DO NOT WANT humanitarian assets.

They are not interested in life. Citing costs, Bush has vetoed a US$23 billion water bill on Friday of last week.

The bill would authorize more than 900 projects, such as restoration in the Florida Everglades and the replacement of seven Depression-era locks on the Upper Mississippi and Illinois rivers that farm groups say is crucial for shipping grain.

For California, the bill authorizes $1.3 billion for 54 projects, including $106 million to strengthen the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta levees, $25 million for revitalizing the concrete-bound Los Angeles River and $38 million for replenishing sand at Imperial Beach in San Diego County, a project that supporters say would protect coastal residents from storms.

It is the fifth bill that Bush has vetoed -- the fewest by any president since James A. Garfield, who was shot in 1881 after four months in office and died weeks later. Bush has vetoed two bills that would have expanded federal support for embryonic stem cell research, a bill to pay for the Iraq war that included a timeline for withdrawing troops, and a bill that would have expanded a children's health insurance program. The four vetoes were sustained.

Do you see a pattern here? While the West Coast of the USA goes up in flames, while the Gulf Coast drowns, while the Atlantic Southern states are facing the worst drought in a century, US$23 billion for relief is too much to ask. Nearly US$2billion a week to hurt people or to make a childish point, however, is not too much to ask.

There is no cap on how much should be spent on planes, tanks, guns, bullets, warrantless surveillance, or any of the CIA, NSA or DARPA's new and inventive ways to kill, maim and hurt people. Fixing problems for people is too expensive. Causing suffering is worth any cost.

Seriously, I have asked before what the purpose of a government is if it is not to promote the general welfare of the governed. The lackadaisical response to the California wildfires this summer, the almost contemptuous disinterest in the response to Hurricane Katrina or the Georgia drought, the callously dismissed children's health care initiatives... at which point do you finally realize that these people WANT YOU TO SUFFER? They do not want things to get better for anyone. They want them worse. When are the scales finally going to fall from the eyes of people who promote this candidate or that party and they see, in no uncertain terms, that these people INVEST IN DEATH. They have nothing but CONTEMPT FOR LIFE. They are the antithesis of your saviours and guardians. The U.S. economy is tanking, despite Bush's refusal to sign on to the Kyoto deal, and THAT IS FINE WITH THEM. They want to bring the whole world down in flames and they are doing a damned good job of it, even if it seems to be moving in slow motion.

Welcome to Necrocracy.
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