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Sunday, November 18, 2007. *
Hurricane Katrina, eh? Mother Nature's a racist!

Analysts had said the race could set a baseline for the changing political landscape in a post-Hurricane Katrina city in which the gap between white and black voters is narrowing.

No shit? Hey, while we are on the subject of redistricting, by any means necessary, what ever happened to the Indicted Hammer? You know, the criminally indicted former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, the bugmanhammer or some shit, remember him?

Roll Call:

The trial is on hold while a court decides whether some charges can be re-filed. He's not claiming he's innocent of the campaign finance conspiracy charge against him. He's claiming the law wasn't in effect when the conspiracy occurred.

Now that New Orleans has had a demographic makeover, the budgetary "floodgates" have been opened:
Redistricting Tom DeLay

Back on topic, The Management and Manipulation of Crises: Accumulation by dispossession David Harvey author of The Urban Experience. He speaks on city landscape, hegemony, territorial logic, private property, land ownership, systemic gentrification among other things. In particular, his new work entitled, 'The New Imperialism' goes further and speaks on economic accumulation by dispossession.and re estate repossession.

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