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Saturday, November 10, 2007. *
Fletcher, who can be belligerent, told a caseworker to go away. But instead of leaving, the worker called the police, and officers treated Fletcher like she was a criminal.

This is what civilians don't understand. There are no longer any constitutional rights when dealing with agencies. A caseworker, CPS, building inspector, city inspector, dog catcher, paramedic, or any AGENT of governmental agencies is technically now a form of cop and you are basically under arrest or detention as soon as they engage you. If you resist, properly equipped agents will be summoned or notified, and if these properly equipped agents show up, then you have to submit. If you don't submit, then they are cleared to make you submit via force continuum up to and including your death. The caseworker is just the first tier of force continuum in this case.

What would be interesting to note is if the caseworker was there because of some contract, such as welfare, that ms Fletcher engaged in, or whether the caseworker was summoned by a third any case the article hints that Fletcher and this caseworker had dealings before...

Should cops have Tasered an 82-year-old?

Sixty-three percent responded no.

But 37 percent, or 2,940 people voted yes -- Lillian Fletcher, the elderly and mentally-ill grandmother who was Tasered by police who burst into her home, should have been Tasered because she was wielding a hammer.
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