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Tuesday, November 20, 2007. *
Internet groupthink and the hive-mind...

Interesting interview with Adam Curtis (The Century of the Self ,The Power Of Nightmares and The Trap ) on the register.The interview covers topics such as the snake oil salesmen of the internet's "new democracy". It is quite long so i will only post a short extract here, but i recommend reading the complete article.

It's interesting how people are responding to this infinite abundance of information, and they seem to respond by going to what's familiar and what looks ordered. And the groupthink you get on the internet that you see in these 'blogrolls' is a very seductive world. All the reference points you need are there, people are familiar and known, and people fall into this rabbit hole. I guess it's not surprising - when there are suddenly a million routes home, you choose the one most familiar to you. It's an off-the-shelf belief system.

At a time when there isn't anything to give you confidence beyond yourself - you live in the "empire of the self" - then it is inevitable that you will seek those like you, because it will give you a sense of collective purpose. It will give you a sense of collective security.

And that's exactly what the internet is about - "If you like this book, others before you have bought these books..." And it works to create those little circles. All those little radio stations which tell you, "If you played this, other people have played this..."
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