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Tuesday, October 02, 2007. *
PHOENIX - A woman late to her plane became irate, was put in handcuffs and was later found dead in a holding cell, police said. Authorities were investigating Saturday if the woman choked herself while trying to get free from the handcuffs.

This article says she was shackled to a bench as well as being handcuffed. The shackle's chain ran from an eyehook and the other was connected to the chain on Gotbaum's handcuffs. Don't these holding cells have cctv cameras? This poor lady could never imagine that taking a trip somewhere would end up in her death at the airport in handcuffs. Or could she? My heart goes out to her family members. Finally, this story is very strange, try putting your hands behind your back and try to get em over your head ..unless you are double jointed, or wouldn't it be safe to assume that a mom wouldn't know how to dislocate her shoulders for such a maneuver and go with simply sitting down and getting the cuffs around her posterior? Finally, do you think she was kicking and screaming before or after having a knee up in her spine? "... a little afraid of going to jail..." Is that a joke?

Feel like cattle yet? Don't taser me bro...Moo!

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