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Saturday, October 20, 2007. *
Here's something I want. I humbly ask Cindy Sheehan: Expand your run into a national campaign. Raise money. People are open minded now after watching the dems in action, or inaction or capitulation as it were.

We need 5 senate seats and 25 house seats. That would give an independent third party make or break numbers on close votes in both chambers. And they need to be properly funded. 1 Million for house seats and 2 Million for each senate seat. (I have a plan as to how you could win with that.)This would give us hope that we could change things within two years.

I think it would happen if you asked for this. Attempt to raise 35 million dollars. Target blue dog dems and run candidates against the worst republicans.

And every candidate should have to endorse your positions which you listed here in your piece called "Pro Democracy Means Anti Fascism":

* Repeal the Patriot Act
* Repeal No Child Left Behind
* Scale down the Department of Homeland Security and rename it so it loses its Nazi
tone and is brought under civilian control.
* Restore habeas corpus and close all torture camps by repealing the Military Commissions’ Act.
* Repeal all contracts with paid mercenary killer companies.
* Restore the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878.
* Repeal all BushCo-Presidential directives (especially Directive 51) and review all laws that contain signing statements.
* Restore the 4th Amendment by enforcing warrants for spying on Americans.
* Impeach Bush and Cheney-post presidency so they can’t receive federal benefits.
* Bring all troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan and review military needs for other bases around the world.
* Repeal all free trade agreements.
* Kick AIPAC and other lobbyists out of the halls of Congress where they have no business.

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posted by Philip Shropshire at 9:14 AM
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