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Tuesday, October 16, 2007. *
This week on the program two talks that illuminate the extent to which the so-called "war on terrorism," specifically, and the concept of national security generally, is about the bottom line, though that is not how its sold to the general public. You will hear this week how it resembles the cold war in many ways, from red scares at home to wars abroad. At home the target is people whose politics threaten profits, abroad, ditto. A matrix of relationships designed to defend these financial interests involves nearly every influential sector of society, and our speakers will go into detail on who some of they key actors have been, and what laws and policies have resulted.

In the first hour, we'll hear from Peter Phillops director of project censored , and in the second hour, Will Potter, a DC based journalist ...with a talk The Green Scare:Eco-Activism in the Age of Terror"

Everyone should become familiar with the work of Peter Phillips, particularly his research of the global dominance group,
i.e. robber-barons who rule us.
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