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Monday, October 01, 2007. *
Dawna Cornelissen: Behind the Price of Birth Control. "Signed into law in January 2006, the [Deficit Reduction Act] inadvertently caused birth control prices to rise because of a complicated change in the way drug companies calculate Medicaid-related rebates. The effect, however, is simple: women will no longer be able to access affordable birth control through their college health centers or local non-profit health clinics."

Cheryl Wetzstein: Foes hit continued abstinence funding. "Rep. James P. Moran, Virginia Democrat, said he supported "with frustration" the second three-month extension of the $50 million Title V abstinence-education program and several health programs that serve low-income families."

[Articles continue at link. Are these legal decisions based on fiscal responsibility, or the rights of women? Or are they based on mean-spirited superstitions of illiterate goat herders from thousands of years ago? You only get one guess. Compare the above with this article from a Canadian newspaper regarding a French book. Here's a British article on the same. - Trevor Blake]
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