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Monday, October 08, 2007. *
Follow up on my post below, entitled: Police MURDER man by tasering him. His last words, "don't kill me".

This is too incredible for words -- that the grand jury declined watching the video, AND that NO FAULTS were found -- IOW, the same thing could and probably will happen again. It should be obvious to anyone that the arresting officers had the expectation that the young man was in complete control of himself and fully cognizant, but chose to disregard the police requests and intentionally refused to comply with his arrest.

I'm afraid this just reflects the community judicial system protecting the local police dept. and city administration. This should NEVER have happened. There are indications that the police officers weren't attentive to the young man's medical issues because they were driven by an interest in giving Mr. Williams their OWN version of 'medicine' as payback for (accidentally) injuring the first-responding officer.

I thought that you might find the following as well as the attached
articles interesting regarding the MURDER of Frederick J. Williams
in Gwinnett County. Immediately following is my (admittedly late)
response to an article written by Rick Badie of the AJC
entitled: "So Tasers Don't Kill?" I have also attached "Autopsy:
Heart attack caused inmate death," and "Grand Jury Recommends Tasers
for all deputies," by Andria Simmons of Gwinnett Daily Post, "Taser
Did Not Caused Death," by Lateef Mungin of the AJC, "Is Taser
Caution a Stunning Notion?" by Rick Badie of AJC, and lastly I
direct you to an article (which I do not possess an electronic copy)
by Gwinnett Daily Post on Saturday, May 29, 2004, "Use of Force,
part of law officers' job." This article has been reaffirmed and is
fully backed by the Executive Editor, J.K. Murphy
(via a telephonic conversation in early June, 2004) despite the
resulting pain and agony. I am open to and welcome your
discussions, questions, comments, suggestions, support, etc.

As a black, white, brown, red, green, blue or whatever persuasion of
humans, gender, background, education, religion, etc., wrong is
wrong. Wrong is wrong yesterday, is it today and shall be
tomorrow. We cannot and should not allow this to continue. What if
Mr. Williams had been your father, husband, son, nephew, deacon,
friend, etc.?

I should note quickly that the senior officers' report that I
referenced below states that Mr. Williams did struggle with the
officers for about an hour (as has been reportedly publicly
misrepresented by the Sheriff), but that Mr. Williams was at the
jail from 18:10 to 18:25, when paramedics arrived to transport the
dead body to the hospital.

-- Melvin Johnson

[DefenseFund note: The AJC also chose to suppress our Letter, "AJC
Cartoonist Makes Fun of Gwinnett Taser Death Victims" linked here:
AJC Cartoonist Makes Fun of Gwinnett Taser Death Victims

The MURDER of Frederick J. Williams

Greetings. I am Melvin Johnson, a friend for 18 of Mr. Williams' 31
years of existence, as well as Attorney (now along with 2 others) on
this matter. Unfortunately, I just recently read your article
regarding Mr. Williams' tragic death. On behalf of Mr. Williams and
the family and supporters, thanks for your humility and conscience
regarding this 31 year old lost (and never to return) father of 4
very young children (ages 1 thru 9), husband, only child, church
deacon, beloved friend, etc. Secondly, I wish to correct some
statements in your article (again sorry that I am responding so
late, I've been very busy).

(1) All evidence clearly suggest (to any objective-minded-red
blooded-human) that the incident which started at the Williams' home
was a medical emergency and an eventual MURDER. From all of the 911
calls Ms. Williams did describe Mr. Williams' threatened violent
behavior, but clearly and repeatedly explained to the dispatcher
that Mr. Williams had problems with his medication and this problem
was causing his behavior. Even the 9 year old son repeated the
same. In fact, this child's last plea to the Dispatcher was "please
bring the truck with the medicine," not the taser guns.

(2) Although Gwinnett is refusing at this time to provide the entire
911 tape (which should include conversations between the dispatcher
and all emergency authorities). I am certain that said recordings
will indicate that the dispatcher communicated that Mr. Williams
behavior was due to a medical problem.

(3) Even assuming arguendo that the dispatcher failed or forgot to
mention the cause of Mr. Williams' behavior to the authorities,
when the first officer arrived on the scene and before he even
approached the home or Mr. Williams, Ms. Williams and a deacon from
the church greeted the officer and clearly explain the situation.
In fact Ms. Williams and the deacon pleaded with the officer not to
approach Mr. Williams but to wait for more officers, since the
officer was smaller and appeared much older than Mr. Williams, Mr.
Williams was not armed, had not left his property (Mr. Williams was
in his garage/drive way), was not harming or threatening anyone and
was only 'talking crazy.' The officer told Ms. Williams and the
deacon to 'back-up' and the officer pulled out his asperton [baton]
and approached Mr. Williams. This officer states in his own post-
incident report that Mr. Williams was unarmed, in his drive-way and
talking crazy when he approached Mr. Williams. Nevertheless, the
officer approached Mr. Williams shouting commands for Mr. Williams
to be quiet. When Mr. Williams (who is still 'talking crazy') did
not comply, the officer states that he strikes Mr. Williams several
times with his asperton. On either the third of fourth strike, Mr.
Williams reacts and grabs the asperton. A struggle ensures over the
asperton and the officer states that he "loses his balance" and
falls. Not once in his report did he state that Mr. Williams
intentional makes contact with him. The only contact between Mr.
Williams and the officer was pursuant to the struggle over the
asperton when the smaller officer falls and is injured as a result
of the fall. Mr. Williams neither attacks nor even retaliate
against the officer for the blows with the asperton while the
officer is on the ground. In fact, Mr. Williams never even took one
step towards the officer. The officer states that Mr. Williams
essentially continues his 'crazy' speech and behavior and is
pacing. The injured officer pulls away and indicates on the radio
that he is down and injured. There is no further encounter between
Mr. Williams and the officer. Mr. Williams reportedly continues
his 'crazy' behavior and his pacing in and out of the house and
about the drive-way. Back-up arrives (reportedly 10-15 officers)
and storms at Mr. Williams who is still neither armed nor attacking
nor threatening anyone.

(4) Mr. Williams is hog-tied (arms bound behind him and feet
tightly bound) and is seen carried by police "like an animal" says
one witness, is and place in the back of a patrol unit. Ms.
Williams', the deacon and others on the scene begged the police to
please take Mr. Williams to the hospital for treatment as Mr.
Williams appeared unconscious. The police respond that "this guy
has injured one of our own, we will take him to the jail and deal
with him, we have all of the medicine we need at the jail."
Persistent, Ms. Williams goes in the house, grabs and tenders Mr.
Williams' medications to the officers. The police refused it and
repeat the foregoing. Scared from the reaction of the police at the
scene, the deacon calls Mr. Williams' pastor via cell phone and begs
him to do something before "these people kill Fred." The Pastor
request to speak to an officer. The Pastor reiterates the reason
for Mr. Williams' behavior and pleas for medical attention, but he
is told the same. An ambulance arrives and is seen treating the
injured officer, so the family and witnesses go and plea with the
ambulance for medical attention for Mr. Williams. They are turned
away by police. Mr. Williams is transported to the jail. This
entire incident is witnessed by Mr. Williams' 4 very minor
children. This is the last memory that they have of their daddy
alive. This is the last memory we have of our husband, only child,
deacon, friend, etc., alive. An officer who eventually transports
Mr. Williams dead body to the hospital tells the medical staff (and
this is documented in the medical reports) that he observed Mr.
Williams foaming from his mouth and uncontrollably jerking in the
patrol car at the scene at the Williams' residence.

(5) At the jail, while still hog-tied and securely bound, Mr.
Williams is tasered at least 5 times according to the autopsy
reports. I say at least 5 time because not every taser attack
results in an identifiable burn mark. There are mounted cameras at
the jail and an officer reportedly had a hand held camcorded to
record the entire ordeal. Of course, at this point, Gwinnett has
refused to provide either of these recordings. Gwinnett County
justifies the tasering under these conditions because according to
another written report by a senior officer at the jail, Mr. Williams
was reportedly thrashing and jerking his body upon arrival at the
jail. Nowhere in this second report does the senior officer
indicate that Mr. Williams attacks any of the officers, throws a
punch, kick, bite, or anything; nonetheless, Gwinnett County
officials, in the media, justifies the MURDER of this young father,
husband, only child, deacon, friend, etc., because his apparent
thrashing and jerking was "combative" while he is still hog-tied and
securely bound. In fact, the senior officer records in his report
that Mr. Williams is conscious at least for a moment, and utters his
last and only words "PLEASE DON'T KILL ME." Upon arrival of Mr.
Williams' body at the hospital, Doctors record that there were
plastic instruments that were apparently used to hog-tied Mr.
Williams at his house. Doctors' examinations revealed acute with
suspicion of chronic renal failure, negligible brain activity,
negligible pulse, and negligible blood pressure. His hands and feet
were cold and capillary refill was poor. He had no eye movements,
no muscular movements and his entire body was flaccid. His pupils
were dilated 6 mm and fixed. Doctors' impression were that there
was cardiac arrest, brain hemorrhage, pulmonary embolus and/or
seizure. Mr. Williams reportedly lost all pulses at about 1948
hours. He had no gag response.

Also see, Tape shows 5 Taser shocks in 1 minute

author: LATEEF MUNGIN [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]
posted by Uncle $cam at 12:53 AM
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