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Wednesday, October 03, 2007. *

The most notorious hijacking of all, of course, may not be the ones Muhammad Atta and Co. pulled off on 9/11, but the hijacking of Islam itself, the Religion of Peace, that the mainstream media, Left and Right, takes for granted as having happened.

And here, in his recent message to the people of Pakistan, Osama bin Laden is at it again, offering copious Qur'an quotes -- as if challenging peaceful Muslims to demonstrate that he is misusing the Islamic book. Why don't they take up the challenge? This is the way Osama and his counterparts make recruits among Muslims. This is what peaceful Muslims need to counter. But instead, they call people who point out that the jihadists do this "Islamophobes," and that is that.

[Article continues at link. Left or right, it's time we burn up the weed of religion root and branch. Lives depend on it. - Trevor Blake]


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