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Saturday, October 20, 2007. *
Also see, The View from The Military Family Network: Air Force Relieves Commanders Involved in Nuclear Weapons Incident.

This has got to have a lot military people taking notice. They know this was no mistake. By painting the Air Force as a bunch of bozos, they may actually create a more diligent bunch of service personnel, which is exactly what we need. Those three airmen who reported this story to the Military Times (instead of a CO) probably threw huge wrench in Cheney's plans and averted something terrible for the time being..

However, when it does come, --and I believe it will--, it will be the same make and model as last time. In other words, a catastrophic event followed immediately by another. Or combination blows, say, like a one, two, punch to the head, neck and stomach, and lastly to the groin, and back to the head, if need be, i.e., if the results aren't quick enough. I have suspected, a 'nuke & biological' prize was in the plans for a while. And still may be. However, that may have had it's cover blown.

Further, I believe this was why CIA operative Valerie Plame was outed. Not many know that it has since been learned that she and her crew were major watchdogs on the nuclear black market. She was something of an expert in the transfer of nuclear materials.

Kill the Messenger:

The outing of Valerie Plame may have severely damaged a CIA operation to monitor a nuclear black market faciliated by the shadowy but well-connected Washington lobby group, the American Turkish Council (ATC). (Those familiar with the Sibel Edmonds case will know the ATC is the very same organization that the former FBI translator heard on wiretaps in connection with various alleged illegal activities, some connected to 9/11.) From Edmonds, Deliso obtained the following admission: "Plame's undercover job involved the organizations [the FBI had been investigating], the ATC (American-Turkish Council) and the ATA (American-Turkish Association) . . . the Brewster Jennings network was very active in Turkey and with the Turkish community in the U.S. during the late 1990s, 2000, and 2001 . . . in places like Chicago, Boston, and Paterson, N.J."

Moreover, just like the anthrax mailings, and beltway Manchurian candidates snipers it will be a wall of sound, the sound of fear.

Or maybe not.... Maybe it will be incremental as it has been a slow but noticeable ratcheting up...Plan B?

As Preparedness Is Criticized, Bush Works on a Plan IEDs Seen As Rising Threat in The U.S.

Are they telling us what's coming?

When the first IED blows away some family on their way to Wally World, I predict we will be thrust into the comforting bosom of a police state. We won't need a nuke like Tommy Franks suggested. Just mess with our driving.

I predict it will be a Homeland Security production.

They've done it before...

And yes, I have asked my doctor if Paxil is right for me...
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