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Wednesday, October 31, 2007. *
In 2005 Karen Hughes "REVISED" The "GODDAM PIECE OF PAPER"

3. Distribute widely, in English and in the host country’s language, the revised copies of the American constitution (in the process of being shipped to your post) that now contain the Under Secretary’s remark, made in Egypt, that the Constitution contains the phrase “One Nation under God.” The first sentence of the improved Hughes Constitution now reads: “We the People of the United States, ONE NATION UNDER GOD, in order to form a more perfect Union … ” While the Department rarely organizes exhibits abroad as it did in the past, we have obtained special funds from the White House for a “Paper Show” that will highlight the new Hughes Constitution and stress the important role that religion plays in the life of the President and his confidantes.

This is nice too:

5. Be sure to highlight the Under Secretary’s brilliant comment in Turkey regarding Iraq: "You’re concerned about war, and no one likes war ... to preserve the peace, sometimes my country believes war is necessary." On every possible occasion, repeat that in Iraq war is necessary for peace, stressing that the United States has killed tens of thousands of Iraqis because that was the only way to bring them peace — the true eternal peace of death, which gives them the opportunity to happily be in the presence of their Maker in heaven.

During a "town hall" meeting for State Department employees held on September 8, 2005, she described her plans to improve US image abroad in militaristic phrases, outlining a "rapid-response unit" and "forward-deploy regional SWAT teams" to "formulate a more strategic and focused approach to all our public diplomacy assets."

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank wrote: "One of her underlings rose to ask how this effort squared with the administration's famously tight control over its message. …
Hughes replied that ambassadors are free to talk -- if they use the talking points she sends them.

Onward Christian soldier.. For King, country Corporation, and god.
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