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Saturday, October 27, 2007. *
A while back the [House Judiciary Committee] set up a web tipline for tipster with information on politicization and wrongdoing at the Bush DOJ. Today the committee sent an email to all the tipsters alerting them to extremely tight safeguards in place to keep their identities and stories confidential. Unfortunately they put the 150+ email address in the "to:" field in the email, not "bcc:". So everyone's email got sent to anyone else. And probably because of pranksters one of the addresses those emails got sent to was to non other than the vice president's office.

Incompetence? Really? Really??? There will be no further comment from moi...


unfrigginbelievea.... ahk, who am I kidding, nothing these dinks do is surprising. Seriously sad, these are peoples lives and livelihood they are toying with, this will be seen as deliberate rather or not it was, just as torture is purely for the shock value. In other words deliberately meant to silence dissent.
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