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Monday, October 29, 2007. *

"Milton Friedman 1912-2006" by Ron Paul

The death of economist Milton Friedman last week* at the age of 94 marks a great loss for advocates of freedom everywhere. He was perhaps the most successful free-market economist of the 20th century, in terms of his real-world impact on politics and policy. Many modern politicians, including Ronald Reagan, considered him a major influence in their careers.

He (Ron Paul), isn't there as an alternative to anything. He's there to make sure an alternative movement doesn't develop.

I'm also beginning to suspect that is also the role of the Kucinich\Gravel gambit; to be used knowingly or not as an OFV (overflow valve) and set of sealing washer's.

OFV (overflow valve)and sealing washer's

Ultimately provided for with actuating means for a discharge valve. Often, an overflow valve is for use in a vapor return line of a vapor recovery system. In other words, returning dissent back into the current flow.

To discharge collective angst.

An overflow valve controls the pressure on the inlet side. It is used wherever a specific inlet pressure must not be exceeded. And status quo must be maintained.

Also see, Milton Friedman’s Afterlife

*Note that was taken from RP on the late MF (No pun intended) in 2006
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