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Monday, October 22, 2007. *

Learn to use the “Six Steps in Mission Planning” on a real corporate mission, not a simulation. Your team will see immediate results AND have a repeatable process they can use to improve future project planning and execution.
Fighter Pilots can’t afford to make the same mistakes twice — that’s why they use a powerful Debriefing process to perfect their mission-planning process. Your team will learn this same process to get to the root causes of performance problems and eliminate them.

Business is Combat.
You're fighting for market share. You're fighting
to make your numbers. You need a team that works
as one. You need a team that works for the same goals.
You need a team that knows not only how to plan a mission,
but how to execute that mission flawlessly from start to finish.
Enter Afterburner Fighter Pilots.

Our team of real Fighter Pilots from across the globe will help your team improve execution, and will help you lead more effectively, through our legendary team building, employee team building, team building seminars, motivational keynotes, corporate team building events, leadership seminars, and execution leadership training programs.

We understand how critical it is to have effective leadership skills and to know how to handle yourself and your team in hostile, fast-changing environments every single day. Our team building programs will not only charge your team with energy and know-how for one day — it will put them in full fighter form every day!

Fighter Pilots get the job done using the Flawless Execution ModelSM. This is a simple, continuous team building and performance improvement process designed to help military aviators win in combat. Today, companies in all industries, from small to large, are using the Flawless Execution Model to dramatically improve the way their teams perform.

Everyone works together for a common goal and — IT WORKS!

Has anybody noticed how everything, I mean damn near EVERYTHING, has become militarized? From language to clothes. Been shopping for new clothes lately? See the trends of hunter camo's and heavy industrial clothes, military clothes? Everywhere you look, from military cargo pants to welder jackets. If you are like me you haven't, as I mostly shop at thrift stores, and even if I had the money and could afford the brands they sale, I wouldn't buy their shit.

Hell, I purposely take the labels off my clothes for that matter, something I retained from my punk days. But look around at the younger generation and see what they are wearing, and how they are talking, many look as if they are in industrial strength, rugged survival type clothes and talk like mini-sports casters. At least around here.
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