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Sunday, October 07, 2007. *
Just as Klein talks about below, and dove tails with my last post also below, The rise of no bid, rigged, contracts of the 'contractor economy' brings us such things as this.

There were no more jobs at the hotel, Autencio was told, and because the recruiter only processed him for a one-month travel visa, he was told he could not stay in Kuwait. Autencio said First Kuwaiti offered him one of three options: pay a 1,000-dollar penalty and work in Kuwait for free for six months; be arrested and jailed; or work for the company in Iraq.

As he weighed these choices, he would live in the building with 800 other Filipinos where, at first, there were no mattresses or blankets. They ate only chicken and rice under the crumbling ceilings. Because Autencio had worked in Kuwait before, he says he was able to borrow cooking utensils from supportive Filipinos in Kuwait aware of their plight.
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